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White Flag Campaign List
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The “#BenderaPutih” (white flag) campaign is a community initiative to help those in desperate need of food and assistance in light of the worsening Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

The campaign, which went viral several days ago on social media, encourages people who are struggling financially to reach out for help without fear or shame by displaying a white flag in front of their home as a sign that they need immediate assistance.
Econsave (Its OK not to be Okay)
0.00 RM 0.0 MYR
Econsave is giving out aid to people in need.Raise a white flag outside your homes or contact Econsave via whatsapp to get help. You can even share a picture and address of a home with a white flag and econsave will do their best to send provisions.
ARBA #Bantuan BenderaPutih
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The ARBA Foundation is helping out families and the team is working hard to screen and approve more applications. This screening process is very important so that we help the right family. Donate now!
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YaPEIM started a FoodBank for those in need all over Malaysia. You buy and they send it to those in need.
Petronas Food Banks (Locations)
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Foodbanks are set up by Petronas at almost all their Petrol stations, use the list below to find the nearest one to you if you need any help.
Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih
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Introducing Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih, an exclusive mask designed to raise fund to help Malaysian who are in need during this difficult time.
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SJAM is in full support of all efforts taken by NGOs and individuals to help alleviate the suffering.

SJAM will also be embarking on an outreach programme to help feed the hungry, poor and needy with immediate effect.

Hence this call for donations to account of SJAM Disaster Relief Fund to enable us to source for food and other necessities.

Please help us to help others by giving something, big or small no matter, back to society.
Support Penang Trishaw Riders
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Dance for a cause has created a donation drive to help Penang's Trishaw Rider's, donate what you can to those in need at George Town.
Bekalan Perjalanmu ~ A Helping Hand
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The FreeFood Society just started it’s operations just under 3 months ago. They are working hard to get aid and foods to those communities most affected by the pandemic. This includes the B40s, orphanages, ex prisoners, madrassas to Good Shepherd shelters, nelayan in Melaka, to refugees, orang Asli and people in remote parts of Sabah and Sarawak. Give some donation to keep their operations running. They need all the help they can get.
500,000.00 RM 500,000.00 RM 500000.0 MYR

Hampir separuh dari rakyat Malaysia terkesan sejak penularan virus Covid-19. Ramai yang hilang pekerjaan dan sumber pendapatan utama. Enggan mengalah begitu saja, mereka gigih berusaha mencari pekerjaan dan pendapatan sampingan. Namun, hasilnya tetap ramai yang tak mampu menampung kos hidup mereka.
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Komuniti Cakna PP
18,000.00 RM 18,000.00 RM 18000.0 MYR
Supply dry foodstuffs to about 130 families in Penang Island & mainland. This also includes baby milk(esp. during the mco), Nutritional milk for stroke victims & Nutritional milk for children with cancer. We also give medical aids such as disposables, supplements, milk etc.
Cheah Ewe Chuan
800.00 RM 800.00 RM 800.0 MYR
Saya Dan isteri pun hilang kerja sebab covid ini.kita kena tanggung tiga anak dan ibu bapa saya.ibu bapa sudah tua.tak dapat kerja juga. Anak pertama 7tahun.kedua 3tahun dan ketiga baru 1tahun.so saya minta tolong untuk saya boleh bayar utility bill dan beli Makanan dan keperluan rumah. Terima kasih.
Live to Love
18,000.00 RM 18,000.00 RM 18000.0 MYR
We intend to carry out a food relief distribution for the following areas:-

29 Aug
200 families in Masjid Sembilang Area, Seberang Perai

31 Aug
150 families in Kampumg Tok Sani, Seberang Perai

Those families in need of help will normally approach the Masjid for help, hence they compile a list and approach NGOs to jointly help out with the distributions.

Ever since May 2020 when many livelihoods are affected by the lockdown, our organization has embarked on our Food Relief mission. To date we have carried out more than 20 distribution activities across the northern region. We normally identify the families in need through the help of schools, village heads, referrals and direct contacts.

For each family, we will provide the following:-
One pack of 5 kg rice
One pack of cooking oil
One pack of instant noodles & Bee Hoon
One pack of cream cracker biscuits
One pack each of flour & sugar
One tray of Eggs
One pack of onions
One can of sardines and red beans
One pack of Face mask
Puspa Veeramuthu
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
Suami accident tangan shoulder operation,tiada ada gaji,ada 3 orang anak,rumah sewa bil semua tidak bayar,kena beli ubat untuk suami darah tinggi,masalah pening
Bantuan Pek Makanan Haluan Pulau Pinang
3,000.00 RM 3,000.00 RM 3000.0 MYR
Pemberian barangan makanan kering kepada mereka yang terkesan dengan pandemik Covid19 di Pulau Pinang
Che Munira Binti Che Zain
1,700.00 RM 1,700.00 RM 1700.0 MYR
Kami satu keluarga dalam kuarnti.mak saya serong pesakit kencing manis darah tinggi dan jantung suami saya yang seorang kerja saya ada anak dua org minum susu dan pakai pempes saya nak minta batuan
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
: Saya ibu tunggal saya tidak kerja saya punya bby buat operations kepala .saya jaga bby saya. bby sudah 1 tahun belum jalan Belum duduk
Amutha Subramaniam
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
Milk for baby,pampers,sardin,egg,rice,colgate,milk powder,milo,fruits,vegetables and etc.
Vanee Soppiah
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
Need help, Food ,fruits,vegetables and etc.

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