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White Flag Campaign List
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The “#BenderaPutih” (white flag) campaign is a community initiative to help those in desperate need of food and assistance in light of the worsening Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

The campaign, which went viral several days ago on social media, encourages people who are struggling financially to reach out for help without fear or shame by displaying a white flag in front of their home as a sign that they need immediate assistance.
Econsave (Its OK not to be Okay)
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Econsave is giving out aid to people in need.Raise a white flag outside your homes or contact Econsave via whatsapp to get help. You can even share a picture and address of a home with a white flag and econsave will do their best to send provisions.
ARBA #Bantuan BenderaPutih
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The ARBA Foundation is helping out families and the team is working hard to screen and approve more applications. This screening process is very important so that we help the right family. Donate now!
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YaPEIM started a FoodBank for those in need all over Malaysia. You buy and they send it to those in need.
Petronas Food Banks (Locations)
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Foodbanks are set up by Petronas at almost all their Petrol stations, use the list below to find the nearest one to you if you need any help.
Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih
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Introducing Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih, an exclusive mask designed to raise fund to help Malaysian who are in need during this difficult time.
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SJAM is in full support of all efforts taken by NGOs and individuals to help alleviate the suffering.

SJAM will also be embarking on an outreach programme to help feed the hungry, poor and needy with immediate effect.

Hence this call for donations to account of SJAM Disaster Relief Fund to enable us to source for food and other necessities.

Please help us to help others by giving something, big or small no matter, back to society.
Bekalan Perjalanmu ~ A Helping Hand
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The FreeFood Society just started it’s operations just under 3 months ago. They are working hard to get aid and foods to those communities most affected by the pandemic. This includes the B40s, orphanages, ex prisoners, madrassas to Good Shepherd shelters, nelayan in Melaka, to refugees, orang Asli and people in remote parts of Sabah and Sarawak. Give some donation to keep their operations running. They need all the help they can get.
500,000.00 RM 500,000.00 RM 500000.0 MYR

Hampir separuh dari rakyat Malaysia terkesan sejak penularan virus Covid-19. Ramai yang hilang pekerjaan dan sumber pendapatan utama. Enggan mengalah begitu saja, mereka gigih berusaha mencari pekerjaan dan pendapatan sampingan. Namun, hasilnya tetap ramai yang tak mampu menampung kos hidup mereka.
Siti Norellyza Binti Abdullah
600.00 RM 600.00 RM 600.0 MYR
Saya sekarang seorang suri rumah kerana hilang pekerjaan ketika pkp 2.0...suami kerja kontrak gaji hari, sejak mula pkp 2.0 suami suami kerja on off...sekarang ni dalam 3 minggu ni dia baru kerja 2 hari sahaja sebab bos dia pun terkesan akibat pkp...kami ada tunggakan sewa rumah 2 bulan dan bil api dan air pun kami tak mampu bayar dan ada tunggakan hampir 200
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
She lives with her husband and 5 children, aged - 18, 15, 8, 6 and 5

She worked as an assistant at a clinic but lost her job 3 months ago due to the pandemic.

Husband worked as a plumber but lost his job about a year ago
Tajaan Makanan untuk Frontliners in Taiping, Perak
5,000.00 RM 5,000.00 RM 5000.0 MYR
Kami mengadakan Tajaan Makanan Tengahari untuk frontliners di Hospital Taiping, Perak. Terdapat 5 wad dengan kapasiti 120 katil dan 16 katil ICU yang diperuntukkan khas untuk pesakit Covid19. Dana yang terkumpul akan digunakan untuk membekalkan makanan tengahari buat frontliners tersebut. Kes Covid19 dijangka akan meningkat dan memuncak di dalam tempoh dua hingga tiga minggu akan datang. Di harap tajaan makanan ini dapat memudahkan urusan frontliners kita dan memberi mereka semangat.
400.00 RM 400.00 RM 400.0 MYR
Sya memang memerlukaan Bantuan sumbangan and Bantuan food box.sebab dri mei hingga smpi skrng suami sya Tak ada Kje SBB lockdown.sya ada 2 anak.yng anak sulung 3 thn.and another want new born baby 1 month 2 weeks ago rdy. my 2 child is drinking formula milk powder and pampers .and 3 month we nvr pay the bill electric.raffly bill electric 1 Mont RM 170.00 like something.so we nvr pay 3 month.i Tak tipu .Saya ada Surat semua dan bill pun .saya pun seorang pesakit...I ada sakit vericosvain, gastric ulcer, tyroid cancer.so.if.any details want cn cl or whatsapp me 01133533919.i still follow up at hospital ipoh.tq that's all . lastly this is my mother in law house address 2, Jalan venus Taman star kg.simee 31400 Ipoh ,PERAK.
Peter Rajendran Poore
5,000.00 RM 5,000.00 RM 5000.0 MYR
My health condition effected because I had a stroke, right side hand and legs, eyes and ear. I'm also buying medication for cholesterol and diabetes . This has caused me difficulty, and need your support, as my family we need food aid. I am unable to work due to my condition. Kindly consider and advise as i need your help and support.

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