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White Flag Campaign List
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The “#BenderaPutih” (white flag) campaign is a community initiative to help those in desperate need of food and assistance in light of the worsening Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

The campaign, which went viral several days ago on social media, encourages people who are struggling financially to reach out for help without fear or shame by displaying a white flag in front of their home as a sign that they need immediate assistance.
Mohd Nor Abdullah (Donation completed)
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Mohd Nor Abdullah or better known 'Dek Mat' who has no two hands since birth had to fly white flag in his rental room window at a shophouse in Cheras (near Cheras LRT) to get help to continue survival in the Movement Control period below National Rehabilitation Plan (VAT).

Dek Mat, 29 who previously independently earned their own income by trading nasi lemak now have to stop for a while due to lack of customers other than hoping for monthly assistance from Baitulmal and Community Welfare Department (JKM).
Econsave (Its OK not to be Okay)
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Econsave is giving out aid to people in need.Raise a white flag outside your homes or contact Econsave via whatsapp to get help. You can even share a picture and address of a home with a white flag and econsave will do their best to send provisions.
ARBA #Bantuan BenderaPutih
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The ARBA Foundation is helping out families and the team is working hard to screen and approve more applications. This screening process is very important so that we help the right family. Donate now!
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YaPEIM started a FoodBank for those in need all over Malaysia. You buy and they send it to those in need.
Meatless Malaysian
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Meatless Malaysian are offering basic groceries or a full meal to those badly affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, especially migrants and the unemployed in and around Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Food Banks (Locations)
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Foodbanks are set up by Petronas at almost all their Petrol stations, use the list below to find the nearest one to you if you need any help.
Shell Food Banks (Locations)
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Shell have set up foodbanks in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to help anyone who needs them. Make sure to share to spread awareness.
Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih
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Introducing Jovian Bunga Raya Mask for Bendera Putih, an exclusive mask designed to raise fund to help Malaysian who are in need during this difficult time.
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SJAM is in full support of all efforts taken by NGOs and individuals to help alleviate the suffering.

SJAM will also be embarking on an outreach programme to help feed the hungry, poor and needy with immediate effect.

Hence this call for donations to account of SJAM Disaster Relief Fund to enable us to source for food and other necessities.

Please help us to help others by giving something, big or small no matter, back to society.
Bekalan Perjalanmu ~ A Helping Hand
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The FreeFood Society just started it’s operations just under 3 months ago. They are working hard to get aid and foods to those communities most affected by the pandemic. This includes the B40s, orphanages, ex prisoners, madrassas to Good Shepherd shelters, nelayan in Melaka, to refugees, orang Asli and people in remote parts of Sabah and Sarawak. Give some donation to keep their operations running. They need all the help they can get.
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Project Info: IDEAS Community Projects and Projek #BangsaMalaysia are coming together to launch a HOSPITAL EMERGENCY FUND to aid our hospitals and medical frontliners. This URGENT effort is to support our overstretched healthcare system as a result of the prolonged COVID pandemic. Hospitals are overwhelmed, medical frontliners are exhausted, equipment is insufficient, and patient care is compromised.
#Kitakan Serumpun
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A team from Kolej Yayasan Saad Alumni Association in collaboration with IQLAS Care has just launched a charity project as an effort to support them. The programs of this project will go on for the next 2-3 months and focuses on 4 main sustainable activities
Menjalankan Aktiviti Berkebajikan Dan Kemasyarakatan
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1) Persatuan Kami Anak Malaysia Insani (Persatuan KAMI) berdaftar dengan Pendaftar Pertubuhan Malaysia pada 12/5/2021 dengan no. pendaftaran PPM-003-10-12052021..

2) Tumpuan Persatuan KAMI ditubuhkan adalah kepada aktiviti kebajikan, kemasyarakatan dan pendidikan..

3) Persatuan KAMI menumpu perhatian kepada golongan B40, OKU, Asnaf, Warga Emas, Ibu Tunggal dan Pusat Tahfiz, termasuk juga golongan M40 yang berkeperluan..

4) Selain menyumbang barangan makanan keperluan asas, Persatuan KAMI juga turut menyumbang barangan keperluan yang lain seperti pakaian, kasut, selimut, bantal, komputer, printer, wang tunai, dsb..

5) Persatuan KAMI juga menjalankan khidmat kemasyarakatan dengan menyantuni penjaja kecil, warga emas, pesakit yang terlantar, dsb, di samping menyumbang khidmat sukarelawan..

6) Perancangan Persatuan KAMI di masa depan adalah untuk memberi khidmat pendidikan dalam ilmu akademik dan keusahawan kepada golongan yang memerlukan..
500,000.00 RM 500,000.00 RM 500000.0 MYR

Hampir separuh dari rakyat Malaysia terkesan sejak penularan virus Covid-19. Ramai yang hilang pekerjaan dan sumber pendapatan utama. Enggan mengalah begitu saja, mereka gigih berusaha mencari pekerjaan dan pendapatan sampingan. Namun, hasilnya tetap ramai yang tak mampu menampung kos hidup mereka.
The Lost Food Project
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Many are struggling. White flags or #benderaputih are gradually appearing, and adorning our cities and social media feed. The prolonged lockdown is certainly a nail to the coffin for many cash-strapped businesses and families struggling to survive during the pandemic. But we have each other. ❤️
Mohamad Noor Firdaus Bin Mohamad Shariff
2,400.00 RM 2,400.00 RM 2400.0 MYR
Saya bekerja di dalam bidang event management sebelum ini..di sebab kan covid 19 dan PKP yang tidak berkesudahan menyebabkan syarikat tidak mampu bertahan dan menutup operasi syarikat..saya mempunyai dua orang cahaya mata berumur 5 tahun dan 3 tahun.tuan rumah sudah mengugut di suruh keluar jika tidak dapat melangsai kan hutang sewa rumah yang tertunggak akhir bulan ini.
Darlina Binti Abdullah
1,000.00 RM 1,000.00 RM 1000.0 MYR
Saya Darlina binti Abdullah. Saya mengambil upah menjahit pakaian dan menjaja makanan serta goreng pisang di Rawang. Pendapatan saya terjejas kerana pandemik. Tempahan baju berkurangan dan penjualan makanan merosot begitu teruk sekali. Saya mempunyai anak seramai 5 orang, berumur antara 6 hingga 17 tahun. Suami diberhentikan kerja oleh Speedmart kerana syarikat mengurangkan tenaga kerja. Saya juga menghidap angin ahmar (stroke) yang menyebabkan usaha untuk mencari pendapatan terhad.
Rosnah Abdul Walad
2,000.00 RM 2,000.00 RM 2000.0 MYR
My son, Nabil is 25 years old and is the youngest of 3 siblings . He was born with Cerebral Palsy. Thankfully he does not have any other health complication. My husband developed a painful and degenerative nerve condition 11 years ago, leading to early retirement from the police force. He is now paralysed from waist down.

I earn income as a part-time cleaner whenever I can. But I have lately been suffering from pain and numbness along my arm and hand.

Since Covid-19, I have not been able to go out and have to depend on my older son from to time.
Sumathi a/p Supaya
800.00 RM 800.00 RM 800.0 MYR
I am a single mother i am 56 years old, I was sick since 2017 i fell down and unable to walk and couldn't go to work

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