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Hello Kitty Makcik Siti Endon Ismail
5,000.00 RM 5,000.00 RM 5000.0 MYR
Hello Kitty costume entertainer Siti Endon Ismail has no choice but to raise up two flags, the white flag for herself and the red flag for her cats.

The 58-year-old, who lost her source of income due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the Movement Control Order (MCO), is running out of cash to buy food for herself and feed some 100 cats which she has been caring for at home.

The single-mother said she is becoming desperate and clueless on how to feed the felines, whom she treats like her own "children".

In Makcik Endon’s effort to earn an income during this MCO, she shared with us her plans to start a lemang business. Makcik Endon hopes to raise RM 5,000 to embark on this new journey. This is needed to cover the following expenses:

1.To obtain seller’s permit from Majlis Bandaraya Kuantan
2.To purchase the necessary equipment, i.e. electric coconut grinder
3.To build a ‘bangsal’ to prepare and cook lemang including installing a sink, pipe and electrical wiring
Saufee Anas Bin Kamaruddin
500.00 RM 500.00 RM 500.0 MYR
Im a Single father, Jobless for almost 3 months, need funds for rent, basic necessities and food for children. Please send help.
Nurul Hidayah Chelvee Bt Abdullah
800.00 RM 800.00 RM 800.0 MYR
I am a single mother i am 56 years old, I was sick since 2017 i fell down and unable to walk and couldn't go to work
Hemalini Binti Mohd Rodzi
800.00 RM 800.00 RM 800.0 MYR
Sy ibu tunggal ank lima..ank berumur 19-3 tahun.tidak bekerja lbh 3 bulan akibat covid.tggal di umh sewa.sgt perlu Bantuan ketika ini
Rohaya Binti Yasin
1,500.00 RM 1,500.00 RM 1500.0 MYR
I am a single mother of Cambodian nationality. My 2 children are born in Malaysia and hold a red NRIC. My daughter, Hasanah completed her SPM last year and is now working while finding ways to pursue her studies. My son, Hafiz is 16 years old and has learning disabilities. I worked as a tailor from home but since Covid 19, I have not been able to earn much.
1,500.00 RM 1,500.00 RM 1500.0 MYR
I'm have difficulty time because pay cut and almost 3 month no work at all. We don't have healthy food. My son just finish SPM and my place are red zone. That's why I don't want my son go to work at moment and he fail. He want to continue his study. I really cannot afford pay for his adduction fees. I got asthma and low pressure. I'm going JKM counseling because stress or u call it mental stress
Alvin Ramsey Alex Rajatin
600.00 RM 600.00 RM 600.0 MYR
I was doing freelance consulting and 4 other jobs, including teaching English, writing for corporate and teaching swimming til last march when the pandemic hit us. I lived on whatever savings and parental help and got some part time work as well. But the ensuing divorce and being sued by my ex in criminal and civil courts has been a big strain and I struggle to pay the legal fees and manage daily/monthly expenses. I was living on my credit card til it got maxed and slowly trying to reduce so my groceries can be taken care of.

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