Mazlina Bt Md Sah

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    My name is Mazlina Binti Md Sah. My husband, Rosli Bin Bakar, has Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). He husband has been bedridden since 2015. He is conscious, but unresponsive and paraplegic. He breathes with the aid of an oxygen machine, requires ventolin nebulisation 4 times a day as well as suctioning; and is tube-fed special formula as sustenance. His condition is the result a massive asthma attack in 2015 when his heart stopped momentarily, damaging his brain. He now weighs a mere 40kg and has bedsores.

    My husband receives RM2,900 in cash from SOCSO AND JKM and Zakat aid of RM2,000 for milk and medical equipment. My family & I need an additional RM2,400, monthly to cover rent, (RM 1,500) utilities (~RM400), living costs and expenditure (RM500).

    We have one child, a son, aged 22 years old. He is now studying for his degree in Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English, at UiTM Shah Alam. I have exhausted our family savings to care and provide for my husband. We need funds to manage our day to day expenses to take care of my husband and the family’s other needs.

    The picture I’m sharing for this registration is that of my husband.


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    Need funds for rent, food needs.  (RM2400)

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    Mazlina Bt Md Sah
    State/location : Selangor
    Phone No. :  0192881671
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